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"Vulkanpark" (Volcano Park)

Take a journey into the history of the planet. Feel the breath of earth-history and experience the volcanos of the Eifel Mountains.
Volcano Park in the district of Mayen-Koblenz, just as Volcano Park Brohltal/Lake Laach and Volcanic Eifel European Geopark, belongs to the National Geopark VULKANLAND EIFEL.

Developed natural-, cultural- and industrial monuments give the visitor fascinating insights into the interior of the earth. Apart from the highlights, info center Rauschermühle in Plaidt / Saffig, Römerbergwerk Meurin near Kretz and the Lava-Dome in Mendig, Volcano Park contains more than 20 unique volcanological, archaeological and industry historical projects that have been developed for the visitors.

Due to its in- and outdoor attractions, Volcano Park provides adventures, fun and information all year round regardless of the weather. Families and school trips, clubs and groups of hikers are all excited by the exhibitions and the films. Four designated auto routes, signposted bicycle trails, as well as marked hiking and circular trails lead through volcano park.

For more information on the individual stations of volcano park, guided tours, opening hours and prices go to: www.vulkanpark.com/en/